"Horses change lives.  They give our young people confidence and self esteem.  They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls, they give us hope!" 

-Toni Robinson

Riding School

Hidden Hills is dedicated to growing a community of riders that value good horsemanship from the ground up.    We focus on sound horsemanship principles that we consider important for anyone who plans to be around horses in any capacity.  From basic horse care and handling to advanced riding techniques, our lessons include both theory and practical skills and incorporate a healthy mixture of groundwork, arena practice, and trail riding for both English and Western riders.

While our lessons are generally not show oriented, our instructors do encourage students to participate in our own small schooling shows and other events which are fun and relaxed opportunities for students to “show off” their skills (see our Event Schedule). We also sometimes offer other riding options, such as Drill Team, Vaulting, or Trail Ride Groups.  Check to see what’s available!

We offer both private and group riding lessons, Sunday-Friday, for all ages and experience levels.  We encourage children under age 5 to participate in our Preschool Play Days;  ages 5-7 might enjoy our Pony Pals program; ages 8 and up are generally best prepared to start riding and are ready for regular private and group lessons.   Riders that are more interested in trail riding just for fun on a semi-regular basis can check out our Trail Ride page.

Hidden Hills also offers a Work to Ride program for ages 12 and up, where students can work off a portion of their lesson fees.  Experienced riders ages 15 and older can also become Junior Instructors, helping out with group lessons and summer camps, or teaching Pony Pal lessons.  

Find more information and how to get involved here