Meet our Horses

A lesson horse is a special animal – Especially in a program such as we have here at Hidden Hills, where horses are used for everything from pony rides to guided trails to paint canvases!  Our horses have to be the best of the best--at least in their general attitude about life!  Of course, that doesn't mean they are perfect! 


 Yes, I believe we have had all of these at one time or another!

Yes, I believe we have had all of these at one time or another!




 Arlee is the best beginner horse we have in the barn.  He's kind and relatively even-tempered, but can definitely return whatever attitude you throw at him.  He'll cross any obstacle you give him and is responsive even to the smallest of riders.



If sanguine was a horse, it would be Cody!  This sorrel Saddlebred is the class clown of the barn.  He's tall, a jumper, loves attention, and will knock over anything you put in front of him.  He's a favorite among more advanced riders and can get a bit big for his britches (which are already big enough!)



Danny is just about the sweetest mini you'll ever meet.  When he first came to the barn he kicked and fought as if he just wanted to go home, but he has settled in and become a trustworthy steed.  Even during playdays when he is ridden for hours, when he is a part of the petting zoo, or getting all gussied up and hauled around the farm for a photo shoot, Danny takes it all in stride and keeps his calm.



This Palamino Arab/Quarter horse cross came to us with the name "Dust Me Off".  One of the barn favorites, Dusty has some cool moves.  He's sound at the walk, trot, canter, and even does some jumping.  While he shies away from buckets, bags, and anything else you put right in his face, Dusty is a very willing ride if you prove yourself to be trustworthy and confident. 





He may be new to the barn, but this big boy has already stolen the hearts of everyone here. His massive presence is overshadowed only by his sweet cuddles. His head may be bigger than your torso, but he’s a gentle giant who only wants some love.



Glimmer is such a good horse that anyone can ride him and he will make them look good.  He knows his stuff and is willing to try anything you give him.  A former Western ranch horse, he's used to new and changing environments and challenges.  While he sometimes makes you work to catch him, he seems to do it more to test and see if you really want him than he does to get away from you. 



Ireland is a full-blooded Connemara pony imported straight from Ireland.  She's very forward and has lots of pep to her step



Jewel is an ideal lesson horse who lives up to her name – she's the gemstone of the heard.  A little western pleasure mare, Jewel has a beautifully smooth trot and the looks to go with hit.  A lady in the barn, she politely crosses her legs when waiting to be groomed. 



Leah is our safest trail and beginner horse.  She takes some coaxing to get her moving, but she'll take care of you.  If you're out on a trail ride and she senses something is wrong, her first thought is to get you home to some help.  A persistent and relaxed rider can coax some speed out of her, making her ideal for confidence building amongst beginners.  She is calm and collected, but game for anything you are.

Leonardo daHorsi (Leo)



Available for Sale – $700
Lily is a flea-bitten Arab with the breed's typical personality – sassy!    Great for pony rides, this mare would be an awesome horse to get for the grandkids

night (3).jpg


Night is a beautiful Arab who knows her stuff.  She takes good care of them and gets the job done.  This mare knows her stuff and thrives on more advanced work with a rider who has clear communication skills.  She holds herself like a lady, and has enough sass to fill a silo.



Available for Sale – $2,500
Olaf is a Quarter horse/Percheron cross.  He is a sensitive horse who enjoys a calm rider – he needs someone to trust and love.  Once you have that, he is a willing and sweet horse who would do anything for you.  He is silly and likes to let you know when he’s hungry by tossing his bucket. This gray gelding is a solid, "couchy" ride, and is fun both on the trails and in the arena. Olaf is a pleasure to ride and very responsive once he lets you in.


Purchased in 2018, Pebbles is one of the newest additions to the farm.  She came from a field with only a couple goats and is thriving in an environment with other horses.  She's a fun ride and is quick to learn.  Sound at the walk, trot, and canter, she enjoys trail rides and is eager to please anyone who mounts her



This gelding has warmblood-like movements – we assume he did hunter jumpers back in the day. He has a huge stride and is a beautiful jumper – ideal for more experienced riders.  While he likes to be at the top of the herd pecking order, Pepsi loves people and will do anything to please them.



If Pippin was a Disney character, he'd definitely be Tigger from Winnie the Pooh – not only does he seem to have springs in his legs, but he also embodies Tigger's rambunctious, playful, mischievous, and spunky personality. He'll jump anything you put in his path, but he'll also let you know exactly what you're doing wrong.  This makes him a great teacher who will up your riding skills and experience, whether you’re a young beginner or a more experienced adult.



Available for Sale – $2,000
Rooster is a 12 year-old grade-A trail horse.  He is sweet, compliant, and doesn't spook even if a horse in front of him does.  Rooster takes superb care of beginners on the trails.  He is a great "best friend" kind of a horse who will playfully nuzzle any creature in his path.



Available for Sale – $2,000

At this point Rose should just be an old, stiff cow horse, but she's still got some steam to her!  She loves having something to do and knows her stuff – back in the day, she'd have been a force to be reckoned with.  Happy to pick up a walk, trot, and canter, she'll even sail a jump or two when asked correctly. 



Ruger is our Eeyore – loyal, wise, and sometimes a bit gloomy.  He won't do anything he doesn't want to, but if he trusts you and you take the time to develop a relationship with him, there isn't anything he can't and won't do for you.  He’s great with kids and loves when they love on him. He's a melancholy sweetheart who simply wants to know that you'll be there for him.


Available for Sale – $2,500
Stormy is safe and practically bombproof.  He has both skills and smarts and needs someone with the same to be able to coax him into being the willing horse he can be if you're on his side.  Stormy is smart – he loves to think and listen to his rider, so make sure you have a job for him to do.  Show him you know what you're doing, and he'll strut his stuff for you.  This pony is definitely a show stealer who can either be a nice hunter jumper or western rider depending on what is asked of him.  He's also good on the trails and is very comfortable bareback.



Available for Sale – $2,000
Traveler is a beautiful gray quarter horse.  He doesn't buck, rear, toss his head . . . he really has no vices that we are aware of.  While he is beginner friendly, very sweet, and a great trail horse, he has his moments of uncertainty but calms down quickly.  In the past he had been used for barrels but wasn't fast enough to succeed.  With a western pleasure-type build he is a very comfortable ride at the walk, trot, and canter.  Traveler is barefoot but benefits from boots on the trails, which he prefers over the arena.  All-in-all, this gelding is a pleasure to ride and fun to work with.