Outdoor Classroom

We believe that the outdoors is a fabulous classroom, and nature is an excellent teacher.  Whether studying agriculture through a farm tour, literature through horse books, botany along a wild edible hike, biology during a creekwalk, math by measuring the usable wood in a tree, outdoor survival skills by learning how to trap small game, or simply by playing outside, we are sure that there are few more fun and interesting ways to educate your mind and quicken your spirit than by getting outside.

We offer Farm Tours as a basic, simple, and fun way to introduce your group to farm life.  They are usually about 2 hours long and include an overview of all aspects of farming at Hidden Hills.  We also offer topic classes occasionally (such as Maple Syrup in the late winter or Cheese Making any time) or other program options.  We will update our website and Facebook page when those are offered, or you may call about topic-specific classes.  We generally charge a minimum of $8/child for topic classes.

Finally, we are happy to provide custom programming for your school or group.  For example, one homeschool group comes weekly for 10 weeks for a 2 hour outdoor education classes.  We have taught classes in the following topics: fossils, edible plants, insects, potato math, wilderness skills (fire building, snares and trapping, hide tanning, tracking, shelter building, etc.), orienteering, water cycle, and botany/trees.  For custom programming for your school or group, please call us at 423-987-3993.