Meet our instructors

Our instructors are not only horse professionals, but they are interested in the overall well-being of both our horses and our students, treating both with respect and care.   They are interested in helping our riders develop a true love and respect for the horse and horsemanship, understanding the horse's needs while learning leadership skills that apply to both horsemanship and to life.  



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Christina Mendoza-Green

Instructor and trainer Christina Mendoza-Green has over 16 years experience riding & training everything from mustangs and Arabians to Warmbloods.  She has studied dressage & natural horsemanship training from top local trainers and classical/current masters. She has also managed several local barns and currently trims barefoot performance horses in addition to teaching and training.

Christina has instructed many students, ranging from the physically/mentally handicapped, new riders of all ages, and more advanced riders.  She blends practical natural horsemanship and correct biomechanics and bodywork with dressage qualities and exercises to create a harmonious and fun riding experience for her students, helping them become knowledgable and capable riders no matter the discipline or style of riding.  She believes the benefits of dressage can be felt and utilized to improve all riding, from competitive western or English events to pleasure and trail riding.

Contact Christina for more information about lessons or barefoot trimming at 423-310-4282 or email.


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Tara Hills

Tara loved horses as long as she can remember, and was lucky enough to have parents that got her a horse, Bagel, when she was 12.  She learned all the basics on that horse, from horsemanship to life, proudly calling herself a "backyard horse girl."  In college, she earned her Certified Horsemanship Association certification and taught horsemanship at a summer camp in South Carolina.  After college, she managed the stables and horse program at a resort/youth camp in North Georgia for several years.  

In 2003, it was a dream come true to return home to the Chastain Farm and begin her own horse farm, Hidden Hills Farm, on the property.  Bagel was her first lesson horse.  

It brings her great pleasure to share the love of horses with others, helping others learn to feel, ride, and live the rhythm of horses.  

You can reach Tara at 423-488-3993 or email her at 



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