Farm Tours

What is a farmstead?  What does farming at Hidden Hills look like?  Where do eggs come from?  What is it like to milk a cow?  What roles have horses played in farms past and present?  What food does Hidden Hills grow?  These are some of the questions we answer on our Farm Tours!  Visitors learn that everything on the farm has a purpose and works together to benefit the whole farm, the farmer, and others.  Though usually geared for grades K-5, the information in our tours interests all ages, from first grade classrooms and college classes to families and homeschool groups.  Farm Tours usually include a hayride, hand-led horse/pony rides, and lots of opportunity to stretch our legs!

How to schedule a Farm Tour

WHEN:  We usually offer our Farm Tours on weekdays from 10am-12pm, though we can schedule custom times.   You are welcome to bring lunch to enjoy on the farm after the tour!

COST:  The cost is $10/child and $5 for siblings, with a group minimum charge as follows:

  • Groups with under 15:  $120 min
  • Groups of 16-30:  $160 min
  • Groups of 31-45:  $310 min

No charge for teachers, parents and chaperones! 

PREPARATION: The teacher or group leader should collect all fees and make sure everyone has signed the online Hidden Hills Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement, which can be found below.   Email confirmations can be collected by the group leader to make sure all Waivers have been signed. 

DEPOSIT AND CANCELLATION POLICY:  A deposit of 50% of the minimum is requested.  Groups canceling within 2 weeks of a scheduled event will forfeit the deposit.  Groups may choose to reschedule due to weather concerns.  Should a group cancel due to weather, the deposit may be returned. 

TO SCHEDULE:  Call 423-488-3993 or 423-987-3993 or email