Adult Riding Club (ARC)

This riding opportunity is designed especially for adults or more experienced younger riders (by permission) who are interested in a more flexible way to pursue their interest in horses and horseback riding with the company of other riders.  It is especially useful for us working folk who can't really commit to regular riding, but can find at least once a month to put everything else aside and go ride a horse!

ARC outings are usually about an hour long.  There are typically 2-6 riders in each outing, with varying skill levels.  The trail rides usually include a few cantering, jumping, and/or obstacle opportunities for those so inclined (and with the appropriate skills). 

How to join:

  1.  Schedule an introductory lesson.  All ARC riders must be able to independently groom, tack, and untack their horses, and have basic control at the walk and trot.  If you are already an experienced rider, you'll meet our horses, show us what you know, and learn how we like things done.
  2. Purchase an ARC Outing punchcard--$150 for 5 rides.

  3. Sign up for as many ARC Outings as you’d like within six months of purchasing your card.  To sign up for an outing, call, email, or text Tara which outings you’d like to be a part of and the horse you wish to ride.  Enjoy riding!